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Water Blasting Driveways Auckland

Are you planning to clean your driveway on a weekend? We warn you that this project will eat your entire Sunday and will not even give you satisfactory results. Driveways are generally made of concrete in one form or another, and most common cement types are stencilled, plain, coloured, stamped, exposed aggregate etc. These may get dirty over time. Cleaning concrete or cement driveways can be a daunting task and more often, there is hardly any difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ look. This is exactly why you should consider taking professional services for getting your driveway cleaned.

Get better results in less time

We, at NZ Cleaning Services, are experts in providing water blasting of driveway services In Auckland. We use water blasting technique to clean your driveways of dirt, deposit, mold, or weed that has been there for a long time. We use a high powered and high pressure equipment to clean the surface with water. This method of cleaning is very cost-effective, fast and environmentally friendly. After cleaning the surface, we put a sealer on the driveway which protects it from dirt, mold build up and deposit for a long time. It gets quite easy to maintain your driveway after that.

Professional Water Blasting Services, Auckland

Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in handling all types of cleaning tasks and can effortlessly clean your driveways too. What will take days for you is a few hours task for our team who are highly trained in cleaning driveways and give them a new and fresh look. We strive to offer 100% satisfaction to our clients and you can trust us with the cleaning of your driveway. Call us to get a free quote!

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