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Tiles and Grout Cleaning Auckland

Tiles can, with time, accumulate dirt and start looking dirty. Same is the case with grout. The dirt swept from the tiles keeps getting collected in the grout. With a passage of time, tiles and grout start losing their colour, and look old and discoloured. Unclean grout is unhygienic, and can pose health risks. This may be due to the development of mold, which usually starts off in wet areas like under the shower and bathroom tiles, and is often not seen to the naked eye.

It can get very difficult for the owners to clean the tiles and grout, and make them look clean again. They unsuccessfully try it multiple times before giving up completely. This is where we step in!

We, at NZ Cleaning Services, provide professional tiles and grout cleaning services in Auckland. We use environmentally friendly and high quality products along with modern technology on the tiles and grout to remove dirt, make them hygienic and look clean while ensuring no harm to your tiles. Whether the tiles are of a commercial property or a household, marble, glass or limestone, we can clean all types of tiles, with less amount of time and effort. What is best about us is that you do not have to empty your pockets for our services!

Grout and Tile Restoration and Maintenance Specialists Auckland

Our team of specialists consists of highly skilled, motivated and passionate staff who give their best to every task that they undertake. You can totally rely on us for effective tiles and grout cleaning in Auckland.

Want to replace your old, dirty tiles? Try our tile restoration service to save time and money.

We also do restoration work which involves cleaning the surfaces and then polishing it afterwards. We help restore your tiles and grout to their original look. After the tile and grout is cleaned, the staff members put an effective sealer on the grout, which offers protection from dirt and mildew, and keeps it clean for a long time. Why don’t you give us a call today to discuss your problems and to get an effective solution from us! Get a free quote now!

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