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Vinyl Stripping and Changeover Clean Auckland

Vinyl floors are very popular these days due to their low cost, durability, and water and scratch resistance property. These are generally used in high traffic areas like the living room, common areas of workplaces, supermarkets etc. Floor forms a major part of the aesthetics of the property, and everyone wants to have a clean floor.

Allow us to breathe life into your worn-out vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are generally coated with a polish and sealants to make it resist dirt and look clean. But with time, even these can wear out and may require re-polishing or stripping and changeover. We, at NZ Cleaning Services, are leaders in providing vinyl stripping and changeover clean services in Auckland. We can remove dirt, residues, sealers, coatings from the vinyl floors that cannot be further maintained. We do this by using an effective stripping solution and specialized equipment.

Vinyl floor restoration and maintenance experts

We have a team of experts who provide vinyl restoration and maintenance services. They use friendly products and effective cleaning solutions on your vinyl floors, and strive hard to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Making your floors shine, one step at a time.

We clean the surface thoroughly before applying another layer of sealing. This is important because another coating cannot be put unless the surface is clean. We give it a glossy look by applying multiple layers of sealers, and make sure it is not easy to spot the sealer on the floor. We do restoration by removing the damaged sheets and replace them with new ones. We give it a complete changeover and leave you wondering if it’s the same vinyl floor that you handed over to us.

We have cleaning and maintenance programs for effective maintenance. These are developed so that your floors can be kept clean on a daily basis and there is minimum wear and tear. These vary depending on the type of property, type of floor and surface area.

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